Roman Rott's web projects' screenshots preview
Roman Rott's web projects' screenshots preview

How to stop worrying and start using Sketch =)

SVG is an image format for vector graphics. It literally means Scalable Vector Graphics. …okay

Preamble: I am a developer who hates working with such huge graphic editors as Photoshop, GIMP or Illustrator. It’s a problem cause from one hand I am a perfectionist who loves making perfect websites but on another hand I’m too lazy to spend a lot of time learning tons of information on how to use these image editors =(

I’ve been using SVG since IE9, and even I had a lot of problem with supporting it, I faced much more problems creating or editing SVG images. The worst moments of my life were when I had to update “a bit” an SVG image… Each time I tried to find a really good vector graphic editor but with no success… till I tried Sketch 3! Honestly, I love it!

When I started working on my website, I’ve got an idea about creating a small logo or something to describe who am I and what I do.

I leave it up in Ukraine; I love my country, and know what? I’ve got an idea that is a simple as that:

What if I put Ukrainian emblem into the ruby logo?


And after several days of painting, I finished with the following result:

Ruby-Logo-ukraine Ruby-Logo

At the moment, my less hated editor was Gimp, so I started working with it but got stuck right away… I spent a day for nothing and have got an ugly not-scalable picture that looked like big red blot =(

I knew about Sketch and tried it a year ago, but it was too simple for its price and I abandoned the idea of using it… till now. I gave it a chance once again, and it made my day!

Above is how it looked like:






It’s smart and simple, is not it?

So what?

I am going to publish several additional blog posts about using svg and (probably) Sketch.

You can follow this topic here: SVG category And here is my first post about Bug with CSS transition animation in Safari

Keep having a good day!